Chomuzangari Women's Cooperative

Empowering Women of Chomuzangari through Sustainable Livelihood

What We Have Achieved Thus Far

Chomuzangari Women’s Cooperative is proud to have achieved the following since its inception

Clean Water & Sanitation

We managed to sink a borehole which is now used to water the vegetable gardens and for the entire community to drink from. In the past they had to walk to a far away river to fetch untreated water which was a health hazard to them and their children.


Food Security

The garden provides food for hundreds of families. The women are able to sell surplus vegetables to the local school and this provides some income for them and fresh healthy food for the schoolchildren.


Fencing Project

The problem was that wild and domesticated animals could get into the garden and help themselves to the crops. The grant from the Welsh Government, through the WCVA, has allowed us to construct a fence to keep animals out of the garden.

Come Volunteer with us

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