Chomuzangari Women's Cooperative

The Story of Lettie Chimbi

Studying and Travelling are the biggest “eye openers” each individual should ever be given. I can surely attest to the phrase, ‘travel is the best way to learn’. If I had been born and bread and never left my village, I would not have been where I am now. The Masters degree in International Development majoring in Gender and Culture pushed me to understand all about women’s rights and their empowerment. This gave me an idea to start this organisation. I am humbled that my work is honoured and recognized in Zimbabwe which earned me an Archiver’s Award in 2017. 

Lettie  received an award for working with the communities in the rural Zimbabwe. The Award was given in May 2017 at the Zimbabwe Archivers Awards in London. 

I am humbled that my organisation is fully supported by the Welsh government. The Zimbabwe Achievers Award is an organisation that goes around the world looking for people who are working so hard to give back to the communities that they came from. Receiving this award was just an Icing on the cake.

The Founder, Lettie Chimbi participated in the Route to Public Life training organised by EYST and sponsored by the Welsh Government. She was a Public Life mentee for a period of a year.