Chomuzangari Women's Cooperative

Women In Wales

CWC is charity registered in England and Wales. Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME) women. Most of its support comes from the Welsh Government’s WCVA.  CWC has a membership of 600 women in Chomuzangari village, Zimbabwe. Women all over the world face almost similar challenges, however, other women in the developed world have gone past the challenges faced by the women in Africa. It is for this reason that we thought it would be a great idea if we could get together 300 BAME women and 300 indigenous Welsh women in Wales to form a similar women’s cooperative so that they can work with CWC and share ideas. A partnership of this nature will give an opportunity to share problems, exchange views and understand different viewpoints on any issue where there is a shared interest or concern. Most of the BAME women in Wales would have come from the background that the women in Chomuzangari are still going through. Information from the Welsh women will help CWC to leapfrog the stages of development and help them achieve anticipated results faster than when working in isolation.

Welsh Women and CWC Cooperation

Group to Group Interactions

Women In Wales (WIW) and Chomuzangari Women’s Cooperative (CWC) will interact with one another as groups over a dedicated blog. Here they will share what they do as groups, from income generating projects to achievements made. They help each other with ideas on skills, productivity and what works and what doesn’t. The latest models for cooperatives are also exchanged here. The ultimate goal is to help women not to stick to traditional projects but engage them into cross border projects as well as learning new cultures. This way CWC will quickly get information of the latest trends from the developed world through WIW.

Buddy to Buddy Interactions

Each woman in Wales would have a buddy in Chomuzangari. They will work together as partners, sharing ideas and giving each other advice on a one to one basis. Sometimes one just needs an encourager to get the best out of herself. The pairing will be based on similar likings. Each one will be given an opportunity to write her profile on the blog and people can select a buddy of their choice. The relationship that will develop between buddies will eventually encourage them to meet either in Zimbabwe or Wales and build new experiences. In this manner tourism will be promoted between Zimbabwe and Wales which is a sure benefit to both. It is envisaged that, out of a traditional rural women’s cooperative, the need to go into B&B for some women will emerge as well as restaurants thereby helping develop Chomuzangari and creating jobs in rural Zimbabwe.


Women In Wales will produce their own goods that will definitely need a market as well as CWC. This is an opportunity to increase markets by exchanging goods. CWC will help Welsh women find buyers in Zimbabwe and WIW will, in-turn help CWC find markets in Wales. Business linkages will develop and help each other increase incomes.

Fundraising initiative

Groups can decide to send a delegation from Wales to Chomouzangari and vice versa. Funds will be needed for such trips, hence the need to fundraise. There are also projects that the groups may want to work on to together and fundraising initiatives will help produce the capital needed for this.


Motivation is key in everything that we do, without it we will achieve nothing. Why is that in every society there is always a group of people that need others to help them with almost everything. These are people born to the same city, with equal access to everything, however, others make it in life and others turn out poor? The answer lies in motivation and positivity. How positive and motivated you are, helps you to see success everywhere you set your eyes on. We will run monthly online sessions to motivate the WIW and CWC.