Empowered Women of Chomuzangari In Chivi District

Powerful Partnership and Cooperation between Zimbabwe and the Welsh Government

Chomuzangari Women's Cooperative made possible by the Funding from WCVA a department within the Government of Wales.


Lettie Chimbi

Women empowerment is a journey, not a destination. Giving Chomuzangari women an opportunity to improve their economic status and well being has always been at the centre of my heart. Through the programs we run, 600 rural women have been capacitated to make decisions on their own without waiting for men to decide for them. They have become strong and confident in everything they do. Having this confidence gives them the power and ability to claim their rights and demand help of any nature from the government. Having destroyed the root cause of poverty, lack and scarcity of human rights, these women can now raise their children in the best manner they can.

What We Have Achieved Thus Far

Chomuzangari Women’s Cooperative is proud to have achieved the following since its inception

Water Proiect

We managed to sink a borehole which is now used to water the vegetable gardens and for the entire community to drink from. In the past they had to walk to a far away river to fetch untreated water which was a health hazard to them and their children.


Vegetable garden

The garden provides food for hundreds of families. The women are able to sell surplus vegetables to the local school and this provides some income for them and fresh healthy food for the schoolchildren.


Fencing Project

The problem was that wild and domesticated animals could get into the garden and help themselves to the crops. The grant from the Welsh Government, through the WCVA, has allowed us to construct a fence to keep animals out of the garden.

Climate Change Awareness Project

As you can see on the picture, this is Nyarutedzi river which was the main supply of water to animals and the people of Chomuzangari. Being the main supply of water it has a bridge that connects villages. Before the drilling of the borehole, women used to draw water by digging wells in the sand until the water table went beyond the safe level. Climate Change has caused the water both surface and underground water to disappear.